Contagious courage, a billion individual acts | Kumi Naidoo | TEDxAmsterdam 2014

Jean-François Lépine parle de cette conférence dans notre émission De qui? De quoi? Êtes-vous le contemporain?
Kumi Naidoo is a South African human rights activist and the International Executive Director of Greenpeace. He has a long history of social activism, battling apartheid in South Africa beginning at age 15. Naidoo has campaigned for equality through the 70’s and 80’s through the Helping Hands Youth Organization.

Through his journey, Naidoo has learnt to identify key issues, including the one currently threatening the world. He believes that there in one problem worse than colonialism, poverty or women’s rights combined – that of climate change. The fossil fuel companies are slowly killing the earth for us, creating worldwide conflict and pollution. Recognizing that we are running out of time, Naidoo is trying to create awareness, to remind the world fossil fuel-driven dependence must stop. He urges companies who are producing brown-fossil fuels to work with environmental leaders, political leaders and corporates to create a movement before the problem becomes irreparable.

When people in large numbers believed that change is possible, only then does change actually become possible. Naidoo lives by that rule. Nature does not negotiate with people and the world will not be kind to our children. There are no jobs on a dead planet.

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Contagious courage, a billion individual acts | Kumi Naidoo | TEDxAmsterdam 2014

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