A View From the Porch : Three episodes (32 minutes) – 4K – 2016 gemma_avi_fontaine_02

Architecture and social trends web and TV show
Available on YouTube’s airelibre channel October 20th

A View From the Porch : How Montrealers have adapted their city, neighborhoods and homes as a result of new social and economic trends.

Over the centuries, the use of indoor spaces has changed to better suit people’s living habits and social trends. Montreal housing is no different. One wonders what kind of relationships  Montrealers are developing with their homes in this day and  age. In this program we will capture these unique perspectives by visiting  neighbourhoods, buildings and houses, all of which have had recent adaptive transformations.

Production team :
Host : Avi Friedman
Director : Simon Paradis
Director of photography : Dominic Dutil
Production assistant : Lucy Zhang
Music : Gabriel Gosselin
3D animation : Charles Grégoire



Avi Friedman (Host and writer)


Avi Friedman received his doctorate in 1987 from the Université de Montréal and co-founded the Affordable Homes Program at the McGill University School of Architecture, where he is a Full Professor. He has authored eighteen books and contributed chapters to other books on housing related issues, for publishers such has McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Penguin, and Princeton Architectural Press, which were well-received by reviewers and the public. He is also a syndicated columnist for the Postmedia chain of daily newspapers.

Avi Friedman, OAQ, is a practicing architect and the principal of Avi Friedman Consultants, Inc. Over the years, he has led teams that design projects ranging from custom-designed dwellings to entire communities for private sector developers as well as non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity. He has designed housing prototypes which were built as full-scale demonstration projects and were then constructed by homebuilders in the private sector around the world.

Dr. Friedman’s work has been cited in many books and has been covered extensively: on TV shows such as Good Morning America, Dream Builders and Stewart Brand’s How Buildings Learn (British Broadcasting Corporation), in magazines such as Popular Science, Architecture and Home, and in newspapers including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner and the Times of London. In 2016 he co-produced and hosted 3 episodes for Bell Fibe TV1 called A View from the Porch on Live-Work, Living Small and Urban Agriculture.

Avi Friedman has received numerous awards for his design and teaching, including the J.-Armand-Bombardier Prize for Technological Innovation and the Manning Innovation Award of Distinction. In 1999, he received the United Nations World Habitat Award and in 2014 the Lifetime Achievement Award from Sustainable Buildings Canada. In the year 2000, the international design magazine Wallpaper included Avi Friedman in its list of the 10 people from around the world “most likely to change the way we live”, along with Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA. In the year 2004, he was referred to by Robert Scully, host of the television series The Innovators, as “the most influential housing innovator in the world”.

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